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in Černé Údolí

     The aim of the Orienteering Centre is to bring woods to people and people to woods. We kindly invite you into the heartbeat of the woods in Novohradske Mts. to visit the forest whatever way. With the help of a special map, used for orienteering, you can reach locations you would probably otherwise miss. In the forest there are 20 control points which have been prepared for you. Try to accept the challenge to map in there, find out why the orienteering runners travel throughout the world for new experience.

     In the heartbeat of the Novohradske Mountains, in Černé Údolí at the Hotel U Pralesa there is a place where it all begins. This is the start of your wandering, your adventure. What do you need for that? Firstly, a map. You are offered to get one on your way there in chosen tourist places control points which have been prepared for , in the Hotel U Pralesa or you can download it and print from the Internet. Get ready: all you need could be found at this website. Including the map and a legend to it, control points description, advice and recommendation, info about ours activity.
     It is absolutely up to you how many control points you try to find.

We wish you enjoy your looking for the control points.

We wish you a pleasant stay in the region of Novohradske Mountains.

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